Wings and Hearts

Thanatos Reports

The journal found in Thanatos's mansion that give a dark look at the old Master's life.

_Though the book is a sizeable tome, these are the thirteen entries that are legible. All other pages and entries have either been ripped out, stained to the point of illegibility, or are simple blank.

Translated from celestial by Daedulus the Wise of Radiant Garden._

Report 1

The corruption is infuriating. I have been the Grandmaster for nearly a century, and with each day I can sense the darkness in my fellows grow. The wild elves of the north tormenting untold masses of animals, the villages along Timeless River in an uproar, preparing for all-out war. Radiant Garden seems to be completely oblivious to these happenings. My former master, and former Grandmaster, Yen Sid, has gone to negotiate peace between the villages, but he has grown soft in his old age. Even here, in the majesty of Lux, I can sense jealousy and dispute among the Masters. So much darkness, surely the balance of nature is in chaos. I must pursue a way to restore peace to Cor, or I fear our world will be doomed.

At last a solution. While my former master has been away I have gone through his private library, among which I have found a tome that held all the secrets of the ancient Chasers. A true solution lies within, I know it. Light will be restored to this infuriating imbalance.

Report 2

After many days of deep study I have found my solution. The Chasers found a powerful door that connected the Realms of Light and Darkness together. The tome calls this door Kingdom Hearts, but no way to find it, no way to open it. Perhaps I need to investigate more of Yen Sid’s library. But this will be a problem. Yen Sid returns today for my apprentices’, Endymion and Er’bus’s Mark of Mastery. My place as Grandmaster must not be compromised, only through this position can I restore this world’s balance.

Report 3

As expected, my students performed admirably and I was blessed with granting the Mark to both of them. A truly joyous day, even old Yen Sid beams with happiness at my prospects. But this day holds many blessings, for when I was sharing the Master’s Knowledge with my students, I stumbled across the exact texts I had been searching for. I couldn’t at the time take them, for old Yen Sid was with us, but I intend to return in secret and learn all that I can from the old Chasers. I can only hope that the way can be found

Report 4

At last the knowledge I seek! These texts I have found describe in detail all I need to not only summon the door to me, but also close it and open it at will, using something called the X-Blade, or Blade of Destiny, as I see being referred to as well. What I require in order to open the door are things not easily acquired, though. A heart of pure light, and a heart of pure darkness. These are the ingredients to forge the X-Blade and with it open Kingdom Hearts. Perhaps I should look no further than my own apprentice Endymion. He and Er’bus successfully became Masters, and despite their excellent performances, I noticed a distinct difference in reactions, Endymion was more blunt, more savage, but Er’bus was graceful, calculating. If only Er’bus were still around. He has already returned to his precious underworld. Regardless, I would somehow to rip all traces of light and darkness from their hearts in order to possess the right keys. Still, with a proper host, perhaps Endymion is indeed enough.

Report 5

What sins have I wrought? What foolish, foolish ideals have I sunk to? My black experiments have cause catastrophes to befall my dear, dear apprentice. Using the blackest of magics I was able to remove the Light from Endymion, as well as all the dark from the maiden Selene and at last forge the Blade of Destiny. The door appeared just as Yen Sid’s ancient texts foretold, yet when I opened the door, an uncontrollable light burst forth and on the other side, I saw creatures, black creatures. If Master Yen Sid hadn’t returned at that moment I shudder to consider what horrors I could’ve unleashed. But Lux has now become a scar to represent my mistake, the light shined from Kingdom Hearts still radiates from every wall of this city. Despite its brilliance I can no longer be here. My crimes against Endymion and Selene are too grave. I must go into exile, and pray for redemption.

Many days have passed since my departure. I have lived amongst the animals of the forest and found peace. Perhaps it was the suffocation of Lux that consumed my mind, but that is only an excuse. I have committed terrible crimes and this is my penance.

Many pages are missing after this and they appear to have been ripped out violently.

Report 6

At last I have crossed Timeless River and found my way to a strange little village called Twilight Town. This town seems unaware of the rest of the world beyond its section of the river. Ignorant of the Keyblade and the metropolis of Lux and of the sickening brilliance of Kingdom Hearts stained on its walls.

The people of this town have welcomed me openly, and in return I have provided the locals with some technology of Lux. There kindness is heartbreaking, for if they knew of the sins staining my soul, then this glorious house would have gone to someone else.

Report 7

It seems that the Keyblade can never truly be escaped. As I supervised farmer on the irrigation systems I provided them, I came across two very young children. They possessed ears like mine, but there skin was a rich white. Not an elf, though they have our features. A young man of no less than a child, and young lady who seemed only slightly younger than the boy. Upon inquiring some of the farmers, I discovered that they were urchins who often fished sustenance from the slops intended for the farm animals. Against my better judgment, I took these lost souls in, perhaps it was there resemblance to Endymion and Selene, which drove my actions. Perhaps it was the uncontrollable regret. Regardless these two souls, Solis and Luna, have become my charges.

Report 8

Damned my fate and its twisted hubris. During Solis and Luna’s daily lessons each of them manifested a Keyblade. It was rare in Lux for a single person to be naturally chosen, even I, the second Grandmaster of Lux, was handpicked by Yen Sid and not the Keyblade itself. Now in this tranquil, isolated place, I come across not one but two naturally chosen Keybearers. Great Light, will you have me train another generation of Masters? Will you cruelly force me to relive mistakes? Or is this truly my chance for redemption? Very well. Mat the Great Light guide me and my new students.

At this point many pages are either stained as said before, or just blank, but many pages appear to be slashed through, cut so that no information can be legible.

Report 9

And thus the peace is broken. I have grown old, I have grown bitter. Years, decades, have passed since Solis and Luna departed for Lux to become recognized as Masters, by the Grandmaster, my former student Endymion. News has often found its way here for me through the clatter of animals and forest denizens. Its how I knew of Selene’s passing as well as the growing isolation that Endymion is putting Lux into. Now on this day, my dear child Solis has returned Luna to me, dying, soon to be one with the Great Light. But his sobs, his desperation and my love for both my son and daughter have strangled my soul. What Solis begs for, is a sin greater than any I have committed so far. But my daughter, Luna, puller from her prime by a savage from the north, she must be saved. An old ritual I recall from Yen Sid’s texts. Using Solis and my Chains of Memories, I can restore her. But what it’ll cost us is almost irreplaceable. But for Luna, for Solis, I shall abide.

Report 10

Remember, remember, remember! I can’t remember a thing! How long have I been like this, how long have I been filled with sorrow and can’t remember why? The words in this journal are lies, they must be, I couldn’t have done such horrible things. No. Lies. Only lies. But if there not, then what have I done can’t be undone. I must atone, but how? How can I possibly? I wish to die but would that only be a relief? A reprieve from my madness? No! I must live, I must not be welcomed by the Great Light! So that is to be my sentence. To live without end. To be shamed, hated, even disowned by the Great Light. This has plenty who could “help” me with this new endeavor. To what dark place have I stooped?

These last three entries appear not as the last three pages, but scattered throughout the rest of the journal. Report 11 even takes up four full pages.

Report 11

One, two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen. Yes thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. THIRTEEN. THIRTEEN. THIRTEEN. THIRTEEN. THIRTEEN. THIRTEEN. THIRTEEN. THIRTEEN. THIRTEEN. THIRTEEN!!

Report 12

I smell a smell in my home. My large mansion. Where did I get it from? Something about farmers? Anyway. I smell a smell in my home. Like death. Like rotting. Did a squirrel get caught somewhere? No, it wouldn’t be this putrid. I smell a smell in my home. Like DEATH. Like rotting. Thirteen.

Report 13

Goodnight sun, goodnight moon. Goodnight thirteen. Goodnight smell. Goodnight light, goodnight dark. Goodnight shadows, over my heart. Hey that rhymed. If only I could remember what all this means.



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