Wings and Hearts

Another Side 2

Yen Sid's Resolve

Yen Sid

Yen Sid stood at his window stroking his beard. His encounter with the party was far different than he had expected, a side effect of age he attested. He considered his words and their reactions. More than anyone, the young treant, whose views on self-imprisonment were the most enlightening.
“Master Yen Sid! Master Yen Sid!?” Suddenly his door burst open and three different colored fairies came soaring in, hovering over the ground. They were human sized wearing pointed hats, and each appeared as an elderly woman. Each wore a different color, the center fairy wore red, the fairy to the left wore green, and the one to the right, the one shouting for Yen Sid, wore blue. Yen Sid turned to them and saw that the one in red, Flora, held a tiny baby, who smiled brightly, cooing and awing at all the wonders in the room. Yen Sid’s old arcane eyes could see that a light, warm, pure, and hopeful, radiated from the child’s heart.
“Master, the queen has at last given birth. Meet Princess Aurora,” Flora said. Yen Sid approached the baby, smiling as he gazed upon the brightness coming from the child.
“There is to be a grand celebration in the kingdom tonight,” the one in green, Fauna, said also admiring the child.
The fairy in blue, Merryweather, was bobbing up and down in excitement. “I do hope it’ll be quite the celebration,” she was saying, “as long as that witch Malefi-,” she gasped and put her hands over her mouth, “I mean you know who, doesn’t show up.”
The three fairies began to comfort the child, speaking in exaggerated voices, making silly faces, but Aurora was fixated on Yen Sid. She was looking up at him, smiling at the old sorcerer, she cooed softly as she reached her tiny hand to him. Yen Sid reached his own out to the baby, and when her tiny fingers wrapped around one of his, he felt the light coming from her heart envelope him, filling his own heart with the warmth that radiated from hers.
Yen Sid was reminded of the days when he was the Grandmaster of Lux, and how much he loved to sit among the children of his kingdom and tell them stories of his time as a Chaser in Radiant Garden. This brought to mind Fauntus, the treant who was imprisoned, never given the chance to see the world, and decide how he should feel about it. Yen Sid thought about the young man’s words, about old men and their penances, and he sighed heavily.
“It is decided.” He said turning from the fairies and baby. “I must be off, to play my part in this story.” The three fairies looked confused. “Protect this child,” he said to them. “She may yet have a part to play as well.” He returned to the window, and reached out his hand, a flash of light and his keyblade appeared in his hand. A strange keyblade, decorated with stars and moons, the Star Seeker was as old as its Master.
Yen Sid lifted it up, and with one swing the world collapsed around him, then expanded back out into darkness. He waved the weapon again and a light appeared at its tip, allowing the dark cavern around him to be illuminated. It had been quite a long time since Yen Sid last stood in Ta’tarus, the home of his dear friend Er’bus. He remembered that he had last come to help the then young drow rebuild his home, but centuries can make one’s memory faulty, and he believed his aim was a little off. He had hoped to be at the kingdom. Still he must hurry, and see that Er’bus and his kingdom are safe.
As Yen Sid made his way through the dark of the underground, he listened intently for any signs of Heartless, but he heard none. This perplexed him, surely even if the Heartless hadn’t come this far yet, at least a few would be. Then he heard it, the sounds of screaming, the sounds of terror, and the sounds of war. He rushed at a full run to the entrance of the kingdom, and stopped dead once he saw what was before him. He felt a surge of horror, and anger at what was transpiring.



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