Wings and Hearts

Another Side 1

Eos Report


Eos appeared in the sanctuary feeling a bit woozy after her encounter with the party. She stumbled slightly in the dark of the room, coming to kneel at a throne. Sitting upon the throne was being wrapped in shadow, only his right hand illuminated by a faint glow that came from hole above, which tiny bits of sunlight poured out of. The being whispered to an invisible entity in the dark: “No my dear, the children are all save,” she heard him say, “Yes, my dear, we shall keep them save.”
Eos dared not to look up at her master as he spoke to the shadows. She instead focused on the dark keyblade that his hand rested on. His hand rested on the hilt, while the blade itself, clicked on the ground whenever the master’s hand would move or twitch. She could feel the dark power resonating off the blade, as its guard, a demon’s face, stared at her menacingly.
“Forgive me, Master, I have failed you,” she said trying to ignore the demon’s judging eyes. “The nymph attacked before I was ready, I had to use two of the scrolls you gave me.”
The shadowed master stopped whispering and she could feel his eyes suddenly upon her. “On the contrary, you have performed better than expected.” He said. Eos dared to look up into the shadows, but could not see her master’s face. “Your mission was only to test their mettle, and now we know how powerful they are.”
“Master?” Eos said confused.
“I expected that the lion was far too basic a beast to truly be a threat, but now I know how much I can push them, after all, we need them alive, if our grand design is to be realized.” He paused a moment, “But I believe your efforts will cause him to be summoned to this world, and what a majestic, regal Heartless he will make.”
“Master I should also report that a drow was among them, from what I could tell, he too wielded a keyblade.” Eos said, she could feel her master smile.
“So it seems Er’bus has also joined our story, this is magnificent news, we shall have all the pieces together sooner than expected.” He paused a moment, and Eos realized he was inspecting the broken helmet, which revealed a small part of her face. “Even more serendipitous,” he chuckled. “Go, my apprentice, heal and rest, when I need you again, I shall outfit you better for a confrontation,” he began to whisper again to the invisible companion, Eos didn’t wait, the demon’s eyes staring at her made her nervous. She slipped back into the shadows, like a good assassin, and left the sanctuary.



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