Snowy Mephit


born on the plane of air and brought to a small village
raised by two farmers like Hercules and sheltered because they thought I was special . Don’t know why I was brought here . In tune with nature and that is important. In spite of being sheltered and I was able to manifest a key blade. May parents know what that was and they took me to the city of Lux . They didn’t want to let me go but they know that I had a greater purpose and needed to be trained by a key blade master

master Nai : when i’m apprentice to him is in new to master , he was a servant to Endymion the grand master ( king ) he thought kindly of me.
Wear the robes of the master (green )
weird coloring mood changing hair short hair
apprentice to him for five years at 11 in my three year mark were given special made robes trimmed in gold
farmer parents got this made for me necklace special same color as my skin and it’s the heart symbol , personal treasure.
Seven years of fun
other apprentice full dragon gold Kit is my boyfriend only been dating for a year
best friends with the grand master . Loves me like a granddaughter and his wife.
Once it got bad when touching and we got very hurt and I learned heal to heal each other
a kid , belongs to a servant ( good nurtured ) I see his as a little brother and instructed to watch him when he was young . Wants to be like me and Kit

three years before the story Selene dies


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