Blind Bearer


Born in a monastery not to monks, dedicated to its own use of the keyblade opposite of Lux, raised by the monks, they had a community effort for raising children like Byss, supportive, love me 
Accident, sad  they’re all blind, mostly blinded themselves, born blind,
Two siblings, younger brother, not abandoned
Older sister, not abandoned, she wasn’t blind
Chosen for being blind, not abandoned,
I like dark, loose-fitting clothing
Crazy hair, don’t care what it looks like, hack it off when I get tired of it
Necklace, given because “chosen,” born blind, not keybearer, looks like kunai x, silver,
Document my family gave me saying I’m still a part of their family even though I was chosen to be something better for the civilization, has been read to me by parents, they still have contact with me,
As I practicing archery, I was young, got hit by a stray arrow, incapacitated for five months.
To make up for five months, spent my time talking to people, gather info
Run into old friend who came to visit me as a kid, went separate ways, came to see me in the hospital a lot, female
Get in a serious relationship with this girl for a year, just fell out of love, tried really hard to make it work after we’d gone our separate ways, but didn’t work,
Find someone else while still dating my childhood friend, she found out and was pissed,
Pissed off an intelligent creature, pissed off my new girlfriend, broke it off, she’s not happy, avoids me, is psycho
Did a favour for a relatively wealthy individual by drow society’s standards, did it on accident, sorta helped this guy from getting robbed, urchins attacked, stopped them, right place right time, they owe me, very thankful, looking for ways to repay kindness,

Due to the danger of the Heartless threat, he was made a keybearer, and was able to manifest it in 17 hours, and was able to be proficent (sort of) in a week.


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